Each year, April plays host to Earth Month, with celebrations and activities across the globe to promote the protection of the planet. Earth Month all revolves around the 22nd of April, or Earth Day, which is recognized as one of the largest and most important civic gatherings in the world. 

Earth Day has an impressive history. On the 22nd of April, 1970, Earth Day was celebrated for the first time. On this first Earth Day, an incredible 10% of the US population took part in a nationwide protest against environmental degradation, with a focus on the use of fossil fuels. 

This first protest gave birth to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, resulted in the passage of several significant environmental laws in the US, and is cited as being the source of the modern environmental movement. Since then, it has acted as the source of a great deal of climate education, as a catalyst and supporter of climate action for young people, and as a rallying point for the global movement to protect planet Earth. 

The Earth Day Theme for 2022 is Invest In Our Planet. This theme focuses on the role that business plays in driving sustainable innovation; that governments play by incentivizing innovation; and that individuals play with our purchasing power and personal work.

Earth Day 2022 is, as the name suggests, a global event, and will see activities taking place throughout April and across the planet.  Whilst there’s too much going on for any one person to enjoy everything that Earth Month has to offer, we can give you a taste of what will be available.  Here then, we’ve put together a list of just a few of the many Earth Day 2022 activities taking place across the US to celebrate Earth Month. 


One Warm Coat Drive – North Dakota

This Earth Day 2022 activity by One Warm Coat sits close to our hearts, as it is a great example of how organizations inspired by zero waste and the circular economy can serve multiple functions at once. By collecting and redistributing old coats, One Warm Coat helps to keep over 1 million pounds of clothing from landfill each year, whilst keeping those in need safe during the winter months. 

Whilst they have events all over the country throughout the year, they are organizing a specific drive for Earth Day. It starts at 9am on the 22nd of April, and is based near Bismarck in North Dakota. For more details, contact Carolyn Hawk at caroly@onewarmcoat.org.


Earth Day on the Market Place – Vermont

This event will showcase the many ways in which local organizations and businesses are working with zero waste, renewable energy, sustainability, and environmental justice. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain some inspiration; either for how you can take your business in a greener direction, or for some reassurance that business can be a powerful force for change! 

This event is based in the City Hall Block in downtown Burlington Vermont, and will take place between 11am and 2pm on the 23rd of April.


Tumwater’s Earth Day Volunteer Work Party – Washington State 

This day of mucky work is a great example of how, when people get together, and utilize readily available resources, we can have a powerful positive impact on our local community and ecology. During this event, volunteers will get to work together and with the Tumwater Parks and Recreation team to mulch the plants in the local park, and to clear it from trash and debris. Don’t forget to pack your waterproofs, as the event will be held no matter what mother nature decides to do that day! 

The Work Party will take place between 9am and 12 noon on April 23rd at Tumwater Historical Park. Visit the Tumwater Parks and Recreation site to sign up!


Don’t Throw It Away, Learn And Play! – Louisiana

This fun day out during Earth month can provide the perfect chance to introduce your little ones to the zero-waste movement with hands-on activities surrounding how to play without relying on the material economy. This workshop will teach you and your kids how to turn common disposable items into fun toys and games; giving greater shelf-life to these items and providing kiddies with a new perspective on “waste”. 

This event will take place at the Knock Knock Children’s Museum, located in the City-Brooks Community Park in Baton Rouge, Louisiana between 10am and 4pm on the 23rd of April. For further details, contact the Knock Knock Children’s Museum. You can also read our article on how to introduce kids to zero waste if you want to get started with them today!


2nd Annual Indigenous Wisdom to Face Modern Challenges – Denver/Online

Over the course of a 12 hour online event, indigenous activists, leaders, artists, performers and those who actively support indigenous voices and values will share their advice and guidance for nurturing Mother Earth.

This is one of the most vital Earth Day 2022 events, as indigenous populations are often the hardest hit by climate change, whilst living far more sustainably than industrialized communities. This is not an event to miss, and it represents an excellent example of intersectional environmentalism in action. 

Whilst the event is based in Denver, it is accessible on Youtube from 08:00 MDT on the 22nd of April.


Earth Day Fair – Maryland

The Earth Day Fair is one of Earth Day’s central events, offering on-the-ground classes and workshops in a range of skills. Beekeeping, urban farming and stormwater mitigation are just some of the skills which will be included amongst workshops, all of which can help you to protect your local human ecosystem.

The event starts at 12 noon on the 22nd of April at Lake Waterford Park in Pasadena, Maryland. For more information, contact Katie Soisson at psois21@aacounty.org.


Earth Day Live – Online

If you’re excited about Earth Day, and can’t wait for the next event, then you can access Earth Day Live online right now! Earth Day Live features a range of fantastic talks, covering intersectional climate action, sustainability in fashion, regenerative agriculture and much more. 

With so many amazing activities going on across the globe, there’s no way that we can list them all. However, if you want to find a more local event, you can check out the global map of Earth Day events, or even create an event in your local area. 

If you’re determined to make a contribution to the global effort, but don’t know how to start, you can learn more about Earth Day online

Additionally, for access to resources to help you or your business continue to work towards a healthier planet, check out the  zero-waste blog.