Zero Waste Resources for Philadelphia

Many communities offer tools to help residents on their zero waste path. We’ve gathered innovative options we’ve come across in the city of Philadelphia. Do you have a resource to recommend? Contact us here.


Zero Waste Programs

Ready to get involved with your community? Below are local options available to you.

Zero Waste Grocery Stores

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand which grocery stores are thinking about zero waste from purchase to sale. We’ve rounded up our favorite zero waste grocery stores near you.

Zero Waste Restaurants

When dining out, it’s nice to have confidence the food you are eating is sustainably sourced and no single-use items are used. Explore some tasty zero waste dining options

Zero Waste Events

Whether in-person or online, there are many zero waste events available. Check out what is coming up.

Compost Drop Off Sites

Did you know nearly 80 billion pounds of food ends up in landfill each year? Combat food waste by dropping off your organic waste at one of these compost options.