Zero Waste Resources for Washington DC

Are you on a zero waste journey? We’ve gathered local zero waste programs, businesses, and resources to help you along the way. Are we missing one of your favorite organizations? Contact us here.


Zero Waste Programs

There are programs available to get you involved with your community.

Zero Waste Grocery Stores

Shopping from a grocery store that offers you an array of choices and helps you reduce waste is a win-win. Here are some zero waste grocery stores near you.

Zero Waste Restaurants

There are so many restaurants to choose from, and many of them implement sustainable practices. We’ve rounded up our favorite zero waste restaurants here.

Zero Waste Events

Whether in-person or online,  zero waste events are available. Check out what is coming up.

Compost Drop Off Sites

Help keep the 80 billion pounds of food thrown away each year out of landfill by dropping off at one of these compost locations.

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A curated collection of zero waste products that will help you on your zero waste journey.

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