Your journey to zero waste.

Setting goals to meet zero waste for a business can be overwhelming and many times confusing. It’s important to begin with the basics. What is your business throwing away? Knowing what waste is currently being generated will guide decision making for materials being purchased, engagement programs for employees and staff members, and how waste should be separated in order to prioritize reuse and recycling.

Our focus is to design programs to capture that waste and find solutions to manage it responsibly – from procurement to operations, each team plays a critical role in achieving zero waste.

Designing out waste.

Zero waste has become a popular, but multi-defined term. For businesses, zero waste is when 90% waste is diverted from landfill and incineration [Sources: ZWIA and TRUE].

How is it achievable? Looking at your waste generation from a different lens is how we get businesses on the right path.


How we can support
  • Comprehensive Waste Audits
  • Detailed Site Assessments
  • Data Benchmarking
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Sustainability Program Management
  • Training + Education

How we achieve your goals.


Conduct an analysis of your waste, purchasing and back-of-house operations.


Implement a standardized methodology for collecting and reporting waste data that will help drive informed decision making and track progress.


Set realistic targets and goals to report against and maintain employee and staff engagement in the zero-waste program.


A 2nd life for a commercial stadium’s waste


533 lbs of employee uniforms




14,191 lbs of carpet tile


diverted from landfill


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